We are proud members of the NBF, which is the National Bed Federation, and in being part of this we have guidelines set out on business practise, and audits throughout the year to ensure the quality and standard of all our products is met. The NBF are a recognised trade association which represent UK manufactures of beds and mattresses, who help to ensure the public and trade alike are looked after well.

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Happy to help

Here at Highgate Beds we are happy to help with any queries or advice you may have. Our dedicated team have the knowledge you need when making the important decision on bed buying. We can 100% say our products will be the best you can purchase, and offer so much quality that by visiting here you have come to the right place.

FR regulations

As well as our high standards, we are also set these of the NBF, to ensure the consumer is getting the best out of us, and we adhere to these strict rules. One of the ways we ensure safety with our products and ranges is by fire testing all our products every 6 months, to FR regulations. This enables us to be not only within the NBF standards, but also be above the law in doing so.

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