Quick, reliable deliveries

You don’t need to keep our beds in stock. Order anything from a single mattress, to a lorry-load of beds and we’ll deliver to your store or warehouse within 7-10 days.

Direct to your customers

We can deliver straight to your customers if you prefer. With these three levels of service to choose:

"One of our bestselling products, is the Ottoman style base, with its stylish features, it is a real stand out product."

Storage Solutions

This storage solution offers not only an excellent bed base for that comfortable Healthopaedic mattress, it is also perfect for hiding away anything in the bedroom, which also has easy access with the lift up ottoman feature.

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Style Solutions

The Healthopaedic ottoman is available in a variety of elegant fabrics, such as Wool, Linen and Suedes, as well as being in lively colours, that are eye catching, or suit each room and that you on-going colour scheme.

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